Colorado » Keystone Resort

Long term forecast

DateSnowfallIconShortTempWind SpeedWind Gusts
Sun0”⛅️light rain44°FW 12 mph24 mph
Mon<2”❄️rain and snow44°FNW 10 mph24 mph
Tue<19”❄️snow38°FN 7 mph11 mph
Wed0”⛅️light rain46°FWNW 13 mph26 mph
Thu0”⛅️light rain58°FWNW 10 mph19 mph
Fri0”⛅️light rain61°FWSW 22 mph38 mph
Sat<1”❄️rain and snow52°FW 16 mph22 mph
Sun<5”❄️rain and snow55°FSW 17 mph31 mph

(*) The resort may be closed for the season.

Last Updated: 2022-05-22 8:48AM EDT