Montana » Moonlight Basin

Long term forecast

DateSnowfallIconShortTempWind SpeedWind Gusts
Today1-2”❄️Chance Snow then Snow Showers Likely39.0°FN 6 mph0 mph
Tonight<1”❄️Chance Snow Showers then Partly Cloudy26.0°FNW 6 mph0 mph
Monday0”☀️Mostly Sunny46.0°FWNW 5 mph0 mph
Monday Night<1”❄️Chance Light Snow31.0°FSSW 6 mph0 mph
Tuesday<1”❄️Chance Light Snow then Snow Showers Likely44.0°FW 6 mph0 mph
Tuesday Night0”☁️Partly Cloudy32°FWSW 6 mph0 mph
Wednesday0”☀️Partly Sunny54.0°FSW 12 mph26 mph
Wednesday Night0”☁️Partly Cloudy39.0°FSSW 12 mph24 mph
Thursday0”☀️Partly Sunny62.0°FSSW 12 mph25 mph
Thursday Night0”⛅️Slight Chance Light Rain43.0°FS 10 mph23 mph
Friday0”⛅️Chance Light Rain then Showers And Thunderstorms Likely54.0°FSSW 15 mph29 mph
Friday Night<1”❄️Chance Showers And Thunderstorms then Chance Light Snow35.0°FSW 14 mph29 mph
Saturday0”❄️Chance Light Snow then Chance Snow Showers45.0°FWSW 14 mph28 mph
Saturday Night<1”❄️Chance Light Snow31.0°FWSW 13 mph28 mph

Last Updated: 2022-05-22 8:49AM EDT